Feng Shui to Arrange Furniture in Living Room

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Many feng shui beginners would think that in order to have the best feng shui home they’d need to spend a fortune on buying feng shui products such as flute, windchimes, water fountains, crystals, some weird looking blocks of things that are said to look like this and that…etc.

But surely, one thing most feng shui beginners – as well as the so-called feng shui masters – will never know is that they don’t need any of those stuffs in order to have the best feng shui elements aligned correctly.

You can have the best feng shui home ever, without all those weird and aweful looking things hanging around in the house – as long as you get the direction and all the Yin and Yang arrangements right.

Can you imagine a very professionally designed home in which everything has been put there purposefully, but for that silly looking flute hung right in the middle of the ceiling…OMG!

Whether it be using feng shui to arrange furniture in the living room or employing different feng shui elements to create a better feng shui home, all things have to be done according to the basic principles of the “Yin and Yang.”

And this “Yin and Yang” thing can be so “low profile” and look so insignificant that when a true feng shui master has done his things, no one can really tell that the place has been “feng-shui-ed,” not to mention seeing those weird looking things being hung everywhere.

One of my current clients, Mr. Howard, a very successful businessman, had his mega-billion dollars home decorated with a tiger (in plastic) right under the ceiling at one of the corners of his office, and a dragon at the same level right across the room with a wooden stance (both of them needed the stance or else where could they be put anyway)…And this kind of feature was in almost every room of his huge residence – yes, you guess right, as advised by the feng shui “expert.”

I asked Mr. Howard if he really liked this kind of features – and his reply was a loud and clear “NO!”

Oh, one more thing, if you’re a newbie among all these feng shui beginners, congratulation to you because you’ve not been so severely “polluted” with those incorrect feng shui concepts as so many others who might have bought books upon books as well as attended seminars upon seminars only to end up being more confused with such “bewildering” concepts by those so-called feng shui masters who can’t even tell the east from the west in the true and authentic way of conducting a feng shui consultation – I mean it seriously! You will get to know more as you spend more time with me here…read on!

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