Through this website you can get your online astrological consultation by Astrologer Shishir rai to find out the solutions of all your problems with the help of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Remedies and Gemstone Remedies.Astrologer Shishir rai is the one of the best Astrologers in India practicing in Vedic Astrology in Chandigarh for the last 10 years. He has passed Jyotish Vidya Visharad and Jyotish Ratna. He is also doing his research on Natural Gemstones effects on human life according to planetary combinations in horoscope, dasha and gochar. His moto is to find out the solution of problems regarding marriage, profession, wealth, health, children act.

astro chartVedic Astrology system is the planetary system to manage the whole life according to past and present karmas of every individual and gives the good or bad results. At the time of birth of every individual on this earth planetary positions are captured like a camera picture and this planetary picture is called a horoscope or Janam kundli of that particular person born in this earth. At the time of birth the planetry combinations make some yoga in Janam Kundli or horoscope and the wohle life of that person depends on this good or bed yogas which he has found in his Janam kundli according to his past life karma. The good or bad yogas are very much depends on his past life good or bad karmas. God has given us a free will to convert our past bad karmas to good karmas in this life by worships and doing good things in our life, but how many people do worships and good things in life now a days everybody has to be strong and reach in his life and nobody have the time to remember God or converting their bad karmas in good karmas. Thus the people are suffering from lot of difficulties their lifes and have no solutions for these problems, but still Vedic Astrology helps an individual to solve any kind problems through Vedic Remedies.

If you are facing finance problems,

If you are facing Health Problems,

If your marriage is getting delayed a long time,

If your child is facing educational problems

Astrology is an important part of veda, and it has been an important part of our life too. As described in Parashar Smriti, Jyotish (Astrology) is the eyes of veda.

” Sidhanta-samhita-hora rupam skandh trayatmakam.
Vedasya nirmalam chakshuh jyotish shashtram akalmasham.
Vinaitad akhilam karmam shroutasmart na siddhyati
Tasmaad jagad hitarthaay Brhmna nirmitam pura “

described in 3 parts, Siddhanta, Samhita & Hora, jyotish is the eyes of veda which is absolutely pure. Because man can’t perform his social and spiritual duties without its assistance. Therefore, it was made before man got birth. Its very clear how eyes are important in our body the same important astrology is. Through astrology one can see and plan the future.

The word ‘Jyotish’ has arrived from the Sanskrit word ‘jyoti’ = light. All stars and planets are lightening elements of the universe therefore they have been called ‘jyoti’ and the study related to them is called ‘Jyotish’. Jyotish is really a science, which studies about the planets and stars and guides the mankind to tune between him, the nature and his destiny. Jyotish defines the right time, the right place and the right action to perform with a right person.

Is Astrology really useful?

Yes, it is. If you close your eyes it doesn’t mean the sun or moon will not affect you. Closing eyes are not the solution of the problems but if you know what is going to occur in future, you can prepare yourself for using the time best at your benefits and best to protect yourself from the evil occurrences.

Indian Astrology: What is that?

Astrology was born in India. The most ancient astrological books and systems are found in India as, according with the historians, at least 5000 years old (in Mahabharat). Indian scholars have specially and extensively worked on astrology called Indian Astrology or Vedic Astrology or Jyotish. Indian astrology not only reads your character but also defines the occurrences in your past, present and future with an appropriate timings. But the most important contribution is the Planetary Remedy System in Indian Astrology. India Astrology has been divided in 3 major parts –

Siddhant – Astronomy
Samhita – Mundane astrology (natural forecast)
Hora – Individual forecasts or just astrology through horoscope etc.

According to the Hindu scriptures, there were 18 founder sages who worked on Jyotish first. The list below shows their names with their important works –

Surya – Surya Siddhant
Pitamah( Brahma ) – Pitamah Siddhant
Vyas – Several Including Mahabharat
Vashishtha – Vashishtha Samhita
Atri – Atri Samhita
Parashar – Brihat Parashar Hora
Kashyap – Kashyap Smriti
Narad Narad – Samhita
Garg – Garg Samhita
Marichi – Marichi Samhita
Angira – Angira Smriti
Lomash – Lomash Samhita
Paulish – Paulish Samhita
Chyavan – Chyavan Samhita
Yavan – Vriddha Yavan Jatak
Bhrigu – Bhrigu Samhita, Bhrigu Sutram
Shaunak – Shaunak Samhita