Astrology Service website provides complete astrology services online including numerology, palmistry and vastu consultancy. There are many type of astrology services. Kindly choose the one you require and submit your birth details and questions on our astrology consultation page. Our astrologer will answer you after deep analysis of your horoscope with proper solution and astrology remedies. 

Career Astrology report :

Look up the stars that have foretold which job and time is right for you. Plan out your career and cash in on maximum benefits in your profession.

  • Which professions are best suited for Me.
  • How will be job prospects for next 1-2 years ?
  • When will I get new Job ?
  • Shall I pass my interview?
  • When will I have promotion in my existing job ?
  • Should I go for Service or business ?
  • Is this (xxx) business good for me ?

Love and Marriage Report :

Enjoy life’s pleasure with someone who matches you heart-to-heart and find who is likely to be the right romantic partner. So analyze what the stars say about your match.

  • When will I get married ?
  • How will my Life Partner be ?
  • Should I Divorce ?
  • Will I get married to My Love ?
  • Will I have Love or arranged Marriage?
  • When will I have happiness in Married Life ?

Business Report

  • Which Business is good for me ?
  • When is proper time for me to start new business?
  • Should I keep a partner in Business ?
  • Will my existing Partner betray me ?
  • When will my Factory give Profits ?

Ghosts, Evil Spirits and Curses

  • Is my House Haunted ?
  • Has someone done Black magic on me ?
  • Do I have any Parental Curse in my Chart ?
  • Am I afflicted from Ghosts ?

Transfer – Travel – Abroad Overseas

  • Transfer from present place ?
  • Shall I go abroad ?
  • When will I go abroad ?

Property Vehicle Report

  • Will I buy a Car ?
  • When will I buy a new flat ?
  • When will I be able to buy property ?
  • When will I be able to sell my property ?
  • Should I make a deal for this property I am thinking of buying ?
  • Is it proper time for me to buy property ?

Education Report

  • What line should I take for higher studies ?
  • Will I pass this Exam ?
  • When will I pass this Exam ?
  • Can I attain PhD ?
  • After school now what ?
  • Which subject is most suited to me for studies ?

Health/ Diseases Report :

Check out which are likely to be the unfavorable periods health-wise and find out what could be the necessary precautions that may be required.

  • My suffering from disease?
  • Will I be cured from this disease ?
  • Should I get Operated ?


  • When will I have a child ?
  • Any complications in pregnancy ?
  • Will it be normal delivery or caesarian ?
  • Who is having sterility problems husband/wife ?
  • Should I adopt a child ?
  • Will it be safe delivery ?

Muhurtha (Best Auspicious Time To Start )


  • For Naming of Child after Birth
  • For Tonsutring the head


  • Finalising the Bride/Groom
  • Engagement
  • Ghar Pravesh for New Bride
  • Marriage


  • Starting study of mathematics, Ayurveda, Religion, Medicine, Surgery, Music, Dance, Law, Languages, Architecture, Sports, Painting etc.


  • Entering a new Home
  • Entering a Rented Home.


  • Applying for service
  • Joining service


  • Digging Foundations
  • Starting the constructions of a House
  • Starting the constructions of a Multi storied building.


  • Starting businesses related to -Machinery, Construction, Clothes,
    Normal Metals, Precious Metals and Gems, Perfumes, Cosmetics,
    Music, Medicines, Fruits-Dry Fruits, Dairy products, Film & TV related, Publishing & paper related, Education related.


  • Domestic (General)
  • For religious (Teertha) Purposes,
  • Foreign Journeys for -General, Studies, Job, Business, Pleasure.


  • Loans –Taking
  • Loans -Giving

Elections –

  • Filing Nomination Papers
  • Taking Oath
  • Taking Charge of Office.

Buying and Selling –

  • General, Land, Vehicle, Pets.


  • Filing a Case against someone.


  • Meeting Head of state,
  • Meeting Important official.
  • To eat medicine
  • To sit for compromise.
  • For adopting a child
  • To divide a Property
  • Starting a Yagna or Havan.

Other Miscellaneous Queries

  • Am I good for Politics ?
  • Will I get any legacies ?
  • Any imprisonment for me ?
  • How am I spiritually ?
  • Will My desire be fulfilled ?
  • Is the missing person alive or dead ?
  • If alive can we find him ?
  • Where can I find him /her ?
  • Is my Friend a good friend ?
  • Is this person worth making Partner
    in business Venture ?
  • Is there some treasure in My House ?
  • Shall I get my entangled Money back ?
  • Who will win in law suit ?
  • Will I be jailed ?

General Astrology Report

Interpretation of Planets in Your Chart.

  • Career report.
  • Relationship report (With spouse).
  • Strong Points in Your Chart
  • Weak Points in Your Chart.
  • What Does Your Moon Say ?
  • What does Your Sun say ?
  • How is next year going to be for You ?
  • General Outline of Your Horoscope with progressions.
  • When will Good fortunes start coming in Your Life ?
  • Starting letter for your name ?
  • Special features (Yogas) present in Your Chart.
  • What diseases can affect You ?

Astrology Remedies

  • How to make weak Planets strong in Your Chart.
  • How to activate the hidden promises in Your chart?
  • How to make marriage work better for You.
  • Which gem stones to wear ?
  • Which objects to keep on person and in House for enhancing Fortunes ?

Numerology Report

  • Does Your Name match to Your Birth Number ?
  • Does my business name match to my name numeroligically.
  • What name should I choose for my new business venture ?
  • Does my partners name no. match with mines for business ?
  • Which Car Number should I choose ?
  • Which cell Number should I choose.
  • Which dates are good for me ?
  • Which people born on which dates are good for me ?

Premium Numerology Readings

  • To match Personal name with Your Birth Number.
  • To match Birth Number to match Your Business name.

What does Your Birth Number say and reveal about You ?-Analysis.

(Correction to Your name would be suggested to add one or few letters to Your Old name, if necessary)