Astrojyotish Suitable Remedies For Curing Effects Of Manglik Dosha!

At the Astrojyotish Online Astrology Service platform, you’ll get suitable remedies to cure your Manglik Dosha. A person having Manglik dosha will get into unfavorable circumstances regarding marriage as it creates a high consideration from Mars planet. In terms of their marriage, a person with majorManglik dosha will experience disharmony in the family. It is very common to experience discomfort, separation, tension, and unhappiness.

Mangal Dosh

Manglik dosha at 1st house

According to Astrojyotish, if a person has a high effect on mars in the 1sthouse, it will harm the spouse. The conflicts between both partners will result in physical violence or physical assault. For analyzing dosha and signs of the planet, you can create a birth chart and report with Astrojyotish.

Manglik dosha at 2nd house

If a person has high effects in the 2nd house, there are high chances and troubles generated in the family and professional fields. It will lead to a serious disturbance between both partners. Also, that person will feel unsatisfaction through which financial problems will also get generated.

Mangalik DoshaRemedies for curing effects

  1. Manglik dosha effects and remedies as per Astrojyotishwill become less by doing some basic remedies that originated in Shukla paksha.
  2. Eating too dal, also called split pigeon dal, while doing fast or chanting the Mangal dosha mantra every Tuesday.
  3. Astrojyotish remedy for curing mangal dosha will become less by sitting in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji, chanting “om shreem hanumante Namah” at least 108 times or visit the hanuman temple.
  4. The next thing is to chant 108 times Gayatri mantra every day to lower Managla dosha effects. Then, at least once a day, chanting hanuman Chalisa will help lower mangal dosha.
  5. Offering vermillion and sweets in the Hanuman temple every Tuesday will help cure Manglik dosha or donate red clothes.

Astrojyotish curing effect generate if a person who has Manglik dosha should marry a person who is Manglik only. Otherwise, it will generate major problems in your married life. Therefore, to overcome the ill effects of high mangal dosha, a Kumbh vivah is being performed.