The study of numbers is known as numerology. It deals with the connection between numbers and events or personality traits. It is a branch similar to astrology. If you know how to use numerology, you will be able to uncover information about each person that you come across. According to numerologists, the universe is basically a system and the basic elements of the system are the numbers. Through these numbers, we can understand ourselves and the world in a better way.

Types of Numerology

The belief on which numerology operates is that the numbers are a wide, universal language. When we calculate certain numbers (birthdates and names), we get a crystal clear picture of ourselves and the world. The system of numerology has been in use for thousands of years across various civilizations. There are various types of numerology, differing in their origins.

  1. Gematria: This ancient type of numerology originated from Jewish mysticism and the interpretation of scriptures. In the scriptures, a numerical value was assigned to each Hebrew letter. The value of the words of scriptures was calculated by using the assigned numbers. The scholars used this process to calculate the value of the words written in the scriptures. This was done to develop connections and draw parallels between passages.
  2. Pythagorean Numerology: Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician developed Western numerology, also known as Pythagorean numerology. In this type of numerology, we can calculate the numerical value of a name by using the values assigned to each letter. After the calculation, we get a single numerical value.
  3. Kabbalah Numerology: It is a hybrid of Pythagorean and Gematria numerology. It uses the name of a person to calculate his or her personality traits. Although the manner is similar to Pythagorean numerology, it has different meanings for each number. Kabbalah numerology has more than 400 combinations.
  4. Chaldean Numerology: Chaldeans developed Chaldean numerology, which is older than the Pythagorean numerology. Every letter of the alphabet is assigned a different value in this type of numerology. It is on the basis of eight numerals instead of nine. There are also certain double numerals in Chaldean Numerology.

Meaning of the numbers

Let’s look at the meaning of the one-digit numbers in numerology:
I. Number 1: The Primal force

This is the number of creation. This number is a doer and a powerful force. It is also aggressive because it is the energy for creating and advancing. It will not let anything in the world to limit its potential. This number is the spearhead, always leading and directing others.

The shape of number 1 also reflects its meaning. It walks upright with purpose and pride. It is determined, strong, and unwavering. This number tends to have a straightforward and simple view of life. It is independent and pragmatic.

II. Number 2: The All-knowing

This is the peacemaker of all numbers. It is tactful, gentle, forgiving, diplomatic, and non-confrontational. The shape of the number gives the clue of its resilience. The flexible nature of the number allows it to bounce back after a period of adversity.

This number is calm, unassuming, and patient. It is recognized for its style, sophistication, grace, and taste in music and art. It is a good conversationalist and has a witty sense of humor. It can never be mean-spirited and jealous. It is the most intuitive of all numbers.

III. Number 3: The creative child

This number has a powerful need to express its ideas, feelings, and visions. It is an extrovert and has excellent social skills. It has wit, charm, and a great sense of humor. However, this number has a superficial side: a vanity, a narcissistic streak, and attention seeker.

This number succumbs to difficulties as it does not have the spiritual depth or moral strength. It needs to learn discipline in order to be a balanced person. This number is a gifted creative child.

IV. Number 4: The salt of the earth

The chief characteristics of this number are productivity, dependability, obedience, and punctuality. This number is patient, trustworthy, and a traditionalist. It is humble, persistent, and works steadily.

This number is neither artistic nor creative. However, it is extremely hard working. It is disciplined and cannot handle chaos. It demands loyalty and discipline.

V. Number 5: A dynamic force

This number is unpredictable, vibrant, and freedom-loving. It is extremely independent and an adventurer. Although change is necessary for this number, it is extremely loyal. This number is adaptable, versatile, tolerant, and progressive.

This number is drawn to misfits and eccentrics. It is a social butterfly and well-liked by everyone. It has a dare-devil nature.

VI. Number 6: The caretaker

This number is the most harmonious of all numbers. It has a caring and loving nature. This number is all about healing, teaching, and protecting others. It is sympathetic and believes in justice.

It is warm, graceful, and has a great sense of humor. However, on the flip side, this number can be small-minded and jealous. This number is idealistic, trusting, and ever sacrificing.

VII. Number 7: The philosopher

This number is the thinker and the seeker of truth. It is shy and introverted. This number is spiritual and intellectual. Many of them have an interest in metaphysics.

This number hates gossip and is extremely immune to narrow-minded people. It is never superficial. It has a great understanding of art.

VIII. Number 8: Balance and power

This number is the most misunderstood of all numbers. This number puts emphasis in the areas of business, finances, career, and authority. It is both spiritual and materialistic. It is kind, generous, and a risk taker.

The most recognizable traits of this number are organization, efficiency, discipline, management, ambition, and authority. It is goal-oriented and a realist. It also has strong leadership skills.

IX. Number 9: Global Awareness

This number is the most sophisticated and worldly of all numbers. This number is a humanitarian and least judgmental of all numbers. It is extremely tolerant and conscious.

It is empathetic and loving. It is creative, talented, and has impeccable taste. It cannot tolerate injustice or suffering. This number is often prosperous and is not very romantic. It has intuition and depth.