vastu shahtra

What is Vastu / Vaastu?

Vastu – “Traditional Indian system of utilising space and form.”
Vastu – the science of structures

We are surrounded by energy fields. In an open ground, they operate freely but when a structure is built, the energy fields are affected and have to be restored. When this is achieved in a proper manner, a harmonious flow of energy permeates the building. This has positive effect on the people occupying it and a bearing on health and prosperity.
Vaastu also considers the five elements as forces which originate from a single source but with different characteristics. They are within us and surround us. We are born out of them, we grow with them and we return to them. These forces adhere to strict physical laws. Thus every one of us can make use of them for our benefit. Vaastu has no ritualistic side. It is universal in approach and is not based on any particular religious thought.
We at Astrojyotish, an online platform for Astrology Consultation, believe that every human being is entitled to a happy life and this can be attained by living in a structure which is in harmony with the cosmic forces. We offer guidance and training on the proper design and layout of structures – also advise any necessary corrections relating to health.
From the ancient time of Kings, Vastu shastra has been in use.  In those days, there was not much of information explosion Information and opportunity was available only to Kings, Emperors and Wealthy people; They were able to make use of it.  The rest could not do so.  Time has brought changes and Kings and Kingdoms have disappeared.  Democracy has come to story.  Individuals have freedom.  Besides this, information explosion has made people to know Vastu shastra.  What does it mean?  Prior to this, it is necessary to know about ‘Pancha Bhutas’ (five primordial elements).  Information about this would be dealt with in the next pages.  If the place or the building, if it is according to the Vaastu, those who live in this world prosper.  Those who do not follow vaasthu will find it difficult to prosper.  Its is difficult to give precise meaning to the word ‘Vastu’, for example, the word ‘difficulty’ means pain or suffering. Likewise, this word ‘ Vastu ’ demands the right meaning.  So far, I am concerned; it signifies construction that helps prosperity.  Besides there is one more meaning, construction that blesses mental peace’.  That means those who live (reside) in it will have mental peace. It is always better to have vastu consultant advise before doing any alterations in home

Those who lack mental peace, despite all other things, means emptiness.  Those who have mental peace have no superiors as such.  Riches may not give happiness always.  We can’t buy everything by money; there are many things that money cannot buy, for example ‘mothers love’ Mothers’ love is pristine pure more than every other thing.  Most vital thing is that Vaasthu bestows continental life.  Take the example, one who strives, hard to be a collector, if living in the house built as per ‘Vaasthu’, would get help.  Merchant who dwells in a Vaasthu-based house will prosper.  House vaasthu favours him.  What more can we accept?  Vaasthu-based house being prosperity, wealth and fame besides mental peace.

Some argue that there is no such a thing as ‘Vastushastra’.  My advice and suggestion to such ones that it is safer to build as per Vaasthu Shastra as it assures mental peace.

Vastu Shastra – Blind Faith or Science:

In India, many superstitions are being built up.  For example; Sneezing at time of starting is considered inauspicious; to sit for a while and then to proceed is the usual advice.  If a cat crosses over our way or a widow comes across, it is taken as a bad sign.  Such blind beliefs are rule us.

In foreign countries, cats are domestic pets; some countries, cats-cross is considered good sign.  We can’t judge them.  Blind faiths are faiths; meaning foolishness other words. Where people are illiterate, such superstitious prosper.  Our country has many such beliefs.  Our ancients, shronded some ideas in such beliefs;  left side ausning burdens the heart, injuring it.  Instead of telling the direct truth, they clothe it in prohibitive beliefs.  In olden days, neither doctors, nor right information were available;  hence, to have a comfortable life, beliefs were built-up.

They were right then; now time very much changed.  Physicians or Medical shops were scarce; hence the sneezing sign of unhealthiness was considered a bad sign.  Such beliefs were in use as there was no other alternative – neither doctors nor shops nor chemists.   For example, three in a company should not go; it is likely some bad things might have happened when there three moved out.  This led to the belief that the company of three as bad.  When there is a lack of scientific outlook, certain happenings turned into faiths.

Looking from Vaastu aspect, officials, when they build their houses take the help of ‘Vaasthu’ (Consultants / Siddhanthis).  But, in the case of Public or Government buildings, they won’t show that much of interest.  As such immoral things thrive, corruption becomes rampant;  Most officials make money when such instances are too many they bring bad name and discredit to Government, our misconstrued culture, religious bends, political upheavals, natural calamities, too much or too little rains; failure in economic front we are witnessing such things happening.

Failure to act according to Vaastu Shastra brings many difficulties; following it, assures prosperity.  It is so not only in our country, even in foreign countries, it is so.  Japan, though a small one, has prospered surprisingly well – especially in their scientific expertise.  This is so because rarely sun rays of the downfall on Japan, then only they spread out to other countries.  Where the first sun’s rays fall, such country prospers.  It is a proven truth.  In our country, People will observe ‘Surya namaskara’, Before the sunrays are sighted,  they offer “Argya’ when they sight it.  Scientists as well as informed people, are there to see.  Yong babies are brought to sublight as sunlight strengthens them in many ways.    Empty space in ‘Eashanya’ for the sunlight to fall –brings prosperity – it is much in evidence, Vaasthu deals with details of directional details and their effects.  Innumerable examples can be cited; only a few examples have been given as samples to show the scientific advances of ‘Vaasthu’ – Science.

Information of Direction:

Directions have great importance in Vaastu Shastra.  They are four in number: 1. East; 2. West; 3. North; and 4. South.

One stands facing the Sun, the direction one is facing the East; in the back lies the West; the left-hand side is the North; the right-hand side is the South.  This is learned even in the primary stage, hence there is no obvious difficulty.  Minute items of details have been given so that even ordinary men and women stand to gain awareness.

Details of Directions:

Facint the Sunrising is the East, in the back is the West; in l;the left lies the North, in the right is the South.

‘Eesanya’ is the corner to the North and the East meet (North-East corner)

‘Agneya’ – Corner where the East and the South meet (South-East Corner)

‘Vayuvya’ is the West and the North part Corner  (North-West corner)

‘Niruthi’ – South-West and the western-south meet (South–West corner)

Many are generally aware of ‘Astadikkulu’ (8 directions).  Two more additional directions are there namely Sky and the Earth. In toto, there are ten directions (Dasadesalu) – Eesanya, East, Agneya, South, Niruthi, West, Vayuyva, North,  Earth, and Sky.  Each direction is occupied by a single planet and its influence is felt in that direction.  Four and four corners form eight planets.  In toto, 9 planets are there.  The leftover planet is Kethu.  This kethu planet stays with Guru planet in ‘Eeasanya’.  As Kethu stays with Guru, Eeasanya space should be lorge as per Astrology.  So also in Vaasthu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra Purana, Vaasthu Purusha:

In ancient time, Andhakasura, a Raakshasa (Giant), was attacking the denizens of the three worlds.  To  save them, Iswara battled against Raakshasa.  While at it, a drop of sweet from the forehead of Shiva dropped on the ground; this assumed an ever-growing shape with a horrifying face enveloping the entire globe and the sky.   Seeing this horror–striking figure, Indra and gods appealed to Brahma.  Brahma, the grand-old creator pacified and advised them to push this giant head downwards on the ground.  According to his advice, gods collectively united and pinned him down.  This huge body fell down, head towards Eeshanya (North-East) Limbs at Niruthi (South-west), hands stretched towards Agneya (North-West).  Gods sat light on this rakshasa’s body in the following way.

Head – Sguju (Eesha)
Southern eyes – Porjanya
Left ey;e – Dithi
Southern  ear – Jayantha
Right ear – Jayantha
Neck – Indra, Aparathsa, Apa, Sarpa
Right breast – Prithvidhara
Southern Breast – Aditya
Right Shoulder – Soma
Southern shoulder – Sathya, Brusha, Akasha, Agni, Poosha
Northern Shoulder – Paapayaksha, Roga, Naga, Mukhya, Bhallata
Southern flank – Vithedi, Grahakshatha
Right flank – Asura, Shesha
Stomach – Vivaswan, Mitra
Southern lap – Yama
Right lap – Varuna
Guhyamuna – Indra Jaya
South junganusa – Ghandrva
Right side – Pushpadanta
South Jaanu – Sugreeva
Southern Spichi – Mrugabu
Right Spichi – Dowarika
Feet – Pithruganumu

Brahma, witnessing this spechtacular congragetion on the body of this Andhakasura.  Brahma created divined it as ‘Vaasthu Purushudu’.  Vaasthu Purushudu was created on Baddrapada Bahula Tadia. Tuesday, Kruthika Nakshatram, Vy;athipa Yogamu, Bradrana Karanamu gulakatha Combined time, This Vaasthu Purushudu took birth.  He prayed to Brahma to save him from these gods who had pinned him for the fault of his.Brahma, being pleased, assured him aboon that those who construct buildings, house-warming ceremony, constructions of village, town, city, Durga, Temples, water falls, fardens, would worship him first;  those who does not do will have to face difficulties besides poverty. Besides this the householder would be blessed with prosperity as well as the gods world be happy in discharging their duties in from where they are placed. As per Brahma, in Eashanya (Eswara); Agni in (Agnaya) Niruthi – (Niruthi), Vaayuvya ( Vaayu ) , East – (Adithya), South ( Yama), West ( Varuna), North ( Kubera), if these divines occupying the eight-corners, being satisfied with the ritualistic – based construction would bless those who live in that building with all wealth l;and comfort.  This, in brief, is ‘Vaasthu Puranam’.

Vaasthu Shastra Spells these rules that in Agneya – Kitchen, Nairuthi – instruments, Vayuvya – Free desines, East – loving actgs of Aditya, south – Yamasthana, sleeping in that direction will bring death, waking up looking at the North would bring wealth, East would bless prosperous animals – such acts would please the gods that are in those directions. Variety of construction are there – some for lhuman dwellings, some for animals, lsome other for the birds, some for gods.  Vaasthu Sashtra author have divided into four varieties of constructions, namely, 1. constructions for human habitation; 2. Royal buildings; 3. For Gods; n4. Buildings for general use of public.  Suitable instruments have been stated depending on the purpose.

Effects of Vaasthu Shastra :

Vaasthu makes no distinction.  It is universal as the rays of the Sun.  It is popularly promised.  Just as the shadow follows the individual, so also Vaasthu results shadows the construction.  In some cases, there is quick effect; in some others, delayed effect.  Much depends on environment.  It is just like air, though not visible, its existence cannot be similarly the the case of Vastu.  It is the influence of Vaasthu is all parvading; More so on the dwellers.  Vaasthu is consultant doctor for all the construction business.