Kaal Sarpa Dosha Puja Procedure Performed By Astrojyotish To Remove Harmful Effects!

For removing harmful effects, a Kaal Sarp dosha puja is performed for arising critical conditions. Seven planets, like Ketu and Rahu, can be influenced. If any person has Kaal sarpa dosha, then Astrojyotish is recommended to perform puja by following all the rituals. Our expert Astrologers will perform the Puja and remove all negative effects from your life.

It completely depends on the position of all seven planets for performing puja and rituals. By getting guidance from Astrojyotish, the person can analyze the horoscope. Wearing a rudraksha and yantra will help manage the horoscope and perform puja.


Benefits acquired from Kaal Sarp dosha puja by Astrojyotish

  • There are a total of 9 species from which the person performing AstrojyotishKaal Sarp Shanti puja will receive blessings.
  • There is immense peace and blessings from goddess Lakshmi for opening doors of success.
  • If the person has any fear, it will disappear and get immense happiness.
  • Also, this puja will benefit making family relations strong and removing all the evil and negative power out.

Timings for performing Kaal Sarp dosha puja

  • One of the most auspicious days for performing the puja of Kaal Sarp dosha is Amavasya.
  • Despite this, when lunar and solar eclipses occur, puja will be performed during this time.
  • The preferable days as per Astrojyotish, are Sunday and Tuesday.
  • To get good results, performing Kaal Sarp dosha puja twice a year will help for curing all the evilness.
  • During the time of dakshinayanam, it is highly beneficial and cherished to perform Kaal Sarp puja.

Removing harmful effects

In case Mars and Saturn are opposite to Rahu and Ketu, then it originated a partial Kaal Sarp Yog. For getting into deep study with Astrojyotish, create your kundali report for acknowledging the positions of planets along with dosha and its remedies. So, if a child is young and has Kaal sarpa dosha, then with the help of AstroJyotish, his parents can perform all the rituals on behalf of him.

Hire Astrojyotish services right now to get complete Kaal Sarp Dosh report and remove all its negative effects with our complete guidance.