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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Get your life horoscope with complete predictions covering every aspect including astro remedies based on vedic astrology



Know if your name is lucky for you as per numerology and nakshatra lord. Know about your lucky numbers for day to day use.

Vastu Shashtra

Vastu Shashtra

Know if your house is affected by Vastu Dosha and get it removed by very simple remedies. Yes Vastu affects our lifes a lot.



Palmistry deals with the comprehensive study of the palm-prints to get the idea of future happenings in life


original rudraksha


certified gemstones


purified yantras


astrology remedies


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Mangal Dosha Remedies

Mangal dosha is a term used in Vedic astrology to describe the negative influence of the planet Mars on a person’s horoscope. It is believed that individuals with mangal dosha may face challenges in their married life and relationships. However, there are several remedies suggested by astrologers to mitigate the effects of mangal dosha and ensure a harmonious marital life.

Business Astrology Services

Business astrology predictions can be a unique and intriguing tool for those seeking insights and guidance in the world of business. By combining the principles of astrology with business strategies, individuals and organizations can gain a different perspective on their future prospects and make informed decisions.

Career Astrology Services

By analyzing an individual’s horoscope and zodiac sign, astrologers can offer predictions and suggestions regarding their professional life. Career astrology prediction involves a detailed analysis of the planetary positions at the time of an individual’s birth. Astrologers consider factors such as the placement of planets in specific houses, their aspects to each others and so on.

Child Birth Prediction

Child birth prediction is an area of interest for many expecting parents and healthcare professionals. By utilizing various factors and predictive models, it is possible to estimate the approximate time of a child’s birth. These predictions can help parents prepare for the arrival of their baby and healthcare providers to plan for necessary resources.

Numerology Consultation Online

In today’s digital age, the practice of numerology has expanded to include online consultations. This allows individuals to conveniently access the guidance and insights provided by numerologists from the comfort of their own homes.

Vastu Shastra Consultation

Vastu Shastra consultation is a service that aims to bring harmony and balance to the spaces we inhabit. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, focuses on the principles of energy flow and alignment within a building or space.

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Here, people can find the best Astrology Consultation on a budget price. Astrology is the real story of your life and your relationship to the Universe and the many other people you encounter on your journey. How you will deal with your life and destiny is a mystery to most. Astrology your key to a doorway beyond the mystery of life leading to understanding, self empowerment and ultimately Self Realization.

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