Shani Sade Sati : Effects, Remedies And Meaning 

Astrojyotish remedies intimated that there is nothing to fear from Shani Sade Sati. However, for some people, it is inauspicious to provide multiverse effects. Saturn Sade Sati is also known as Shani Dhaiya, where the birth moon sign is travelled in the twelfth house.

Shani sade Sati begins from the 12th house and ends when the birth moon adds to the 3rd house. Saturn turns in two and half years in every house. By taking the help of Astrojyotish, it becomes easy to analyse the learnings of vis-à-vis Saturn and other planets by creating a birth chart report.

Shani Sade Sati

Saturn sadhe sati affects one’s life as

Saturn planet is a very sinful planet which is the lord of karma in which Shani becomes cruel and gives punishment as a deed of karma. Astrojyotish provides various remedies as per the zodiac sign for overcoming issues regarding mental stress, business and personal life.

Remedies such as

  • Astrojyotish online Astrology services provide easy remedies like donating mustard oil, feeding jaggery, offering flour, donating shoes, donating black-coloured clothes and feeding beggar.
  • Saturn sadhe Sati remedies include offering sindoor to Lord Hanuman Ji or chanting Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday or Saturday.
  • While worshipping, chant Shani Yantra. Then, in flowing water, give away coconut without excluding hair. Along with this, you can also enlighten Diya about running water.
  • You can also donate Chhaya Patra and saptadhanya, which includes different food grains or perform darshans havan puja.

Shani Yantra

Characteristics of Saturn

Perception about this planet is very unpredictable and difficult to analyse because it is a watchman to conscience. It is a spiritual and serving planet that will generate a thoughtful pace. Saturn brings difficulties and obstacles for curing hurdles.

Shani sade sati influences seven-and-half on different horoscopes and zodiac signs. A person with high character is blessed with the contrary signs of Saturn. Are you really feared of Saturn sade sati ? Don’t worry a bit and get in touch with Astrojyotish and hire their effective services.