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So what should be done in feng shui to help increase fertility and successful conception of healthy babies?

Is Feng Shui going to be able to help with this?

You bet it will.

3 of the most important aspects to creating the best Feng Shui home are:

1. Entrance
2. Bed
3. Stove

It’s how the bed is located that will make or break the success rate of conceiving a baby. Yes, by manipulating the position of the bed, you can enhance the chance of successful conception – or the opposite effect if so desired.

But how to do it though?

This is where real expertise will come into play here.

No horsing around here with nice looking interior design this or that because they all don’t mean a thing when it comes to being “laser targeted” with a certain set of procedures with which immediate result is demanded.

You just have to arrange the bed position and its surrounding environment in such a special way that result will be had in a very sure-fire way.

Chinese Feng Shui compass

Chinese Feng Shui compass

First thing to know is align your bed to the most auspicious position according to the “Flying Stars” table. Look for Star #1 to align your bed onto. ( Don’t worry if you don’t understand what this means because this is going to take so much explanation – the correct one, I mean – that you’d have to hang around with me for a bit longer time in order to get a better picture of how this works. )

Secondly, make sure there isn’t any ceiling fan right above the bed because a lady who wants to get pregnant sure doesn’t want to sleep underneath such a dynamic feature as it will “empty” the energies around the Solar Plexus area in such a way that nothing will be able to stay put there – not to mention letting conception take place around that area of the body when it’s so fully exposed to such dynamic feature.

Thirdly, the color scheme as dictated by the “5 Elements” should be arranged as required by “Flying Stars” table because this table of configuration is the real blueprint with which everything should be arranged accordingly. Be it the color or geometric patterns or the choice of materials to use, they all have to be as required by the “Flying Stars” table or else everything is just empty talk.

If you’ve been given advice by some Feng Shui masters or gurus who had done so without using the “Flying Stars” table as the blueprint, then I’m sorry to say you’ve not been given a fair chance yet because they might have given you some intuitive advice using their “secret” psychic powers – but this just isn’t authentic Feng Shui advice nevertheless…

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