Relationship And Vastu

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In our life relationship plays a major role for happiness and social connectivity. In any family the binding force is the strength of different relations. Parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, they are all important for the well being of the family as a whole as well as their personal growth. If there is sweetness and understanding in relationships, life becomes comfortable and full of joy. Vastushastra says that keeping our relations intact needs a lot of skill. Understanding the needs and emotions of others and fulfilling their expectations is the core of good and harmonious relationship. While doing this many times everybody has to forgive and forget other person’s shortcomings and skillfully harbour the goodness of their personality.

The energy of south west direction helps us to cultivate this skill and keep the relationships harmonious. In our home, south-west is a very important direction. We must keep it balanced and energised. The element for this direction is the earth. Staying connected to our roots, we can expand and grow without fear. That is why this direction belongs to our ancesters, elders and head of the family.

According to vastushastra, southwest direction is ruled by Rahu. Rahu is a demon as per mythology who has tasted the nector and Lord Vishnu had cut his head. Because he had tasted nector/ amrit, he did not die. His head was called Rahu and his torso was called Ketu. These two are very powerful energies which, if not kept in check, can create disaster for any family. It is said that our ancestors’ blessings keep them in check. So this direction is the best place to keep the pictures of our ancestors and family members.

To ensure harmonious relations in the house, make sure there is no toilet in this area. Red and green colours in this area will create aggressive behaviour and differences in the members. Use yellow curtains and yellow flowers in this area. It will ensure happy relations.

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