Feng Shui Elements Based on Birthday

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Feng Shui Elements Based on Birthday

Do you need to find out about your feng shui elements based on birthday as part of the answer to this often asked question: “How to conduct a feng shui consultation?”

Of course not!

Yes, I know that all the books out there are telling you to add up all the digits in your birth year to come up with a single digit, and then subtract that number with a “11″ if you’re male, or if you’re female, just add a “4″ to the single digit number, to come up with this so-called “Birth Year Kua” – whose importance is so much stressed upon by those who practise “The Homestead Feng Shui System” which divides people into 2 types – “The Eastern Birth Year” and “The Western Birth Year.”

For example, a man who was born in the year of 1970 can be configured like so:

1+9+7+0=17, and then 1+7=8

By subtracting 8 with 11, the final number is 3.

Therefore, his “Birth Year Kua” is 3.

For female, we do the same adding all digits up…

1+9+7+0=17, and then 1+7=8

However, we then add a 4 to the 8 and come up with 12.

For any double digits, we do the same adding up one more time…


Therefore, coincidentally, we also end up having a 3 for the female’s “Birth Year Kua” with those who were born in 1970.

But I can do you a big favor here by telling you that you don’t need to be concerned with this procedure if you are truly seeking the real kind of Feng Shui wisdom because authentic Feng Shui practice never calls for configuration like this at all.

One of the Feng Shui secrets is: “Kua is number,” which means that all these numbers carry with them some insightful interpretation which bears some degree of significance with regard to some symbolic representation of various “Kua’s” in the “I-ching” system. But this is another thing and it doesn’t have anything to do with “How to conduct a feng shui consultation.”

Yes, what I’ve just shown you here is not how to calculate “Feng Shui Elements Based on Birthday” but rather, just how to calculate “Feng Shui Elements Based on Birth Year.”

I will tell you more about what you need to know about “Feng Shui Elements Based on Birthday” in my next post so that you can spend some time to digest what you’ve read in this post for now.

Talk to you soon.

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