Directions in Vastu Shastra

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Directions in Vastu Shastra

1) Direction for mental peace and clarity of mind in your home :

Directions in Vastu shastra directly controls our Mind and emotional well being. For clarity of mind north east direction is best as it is the direction for connecting to God and our own self . For positive energy in house we should always keep this direction neat and clean. Clutter in this area fills our mind with unnecessary worries and making a wise decision becomes impossible. We should keep our Puja temple here and do regulare worship. Getting higher vibrations of peace is easier in this zone by doing meditation. If you are working in management and planning dept , try to sit facing north-east. You will create best strategic plans for your business.

North East zone contains elements of water, earth and air. Blue, yellow and green colors are very favorable here. By balancing this zone we can  manage our stress with clear thinking and improve decision making. We should never construct Toilet in this area as it creates neurological and hormonal problems . Mental chaos and indecisiveness will create stress in life.

2) Importance of Directions in Vastu and their effect :

The foundation of Vastu shastra is doing activity by understanding the flow of energies in different directions in a building. The direction we face while doing any activity greatly effects it’s outcome. We start imbibing the characteristics of the direction we face. Vastu gives clear guide lines on thinking, work and directions.

If you want to focus on money sit facing North.

We should sit facing East for connecting to people for social or Political purpose .

For Enhancing performance in the field of art and design, you should work facing West.

To connect with your soul or divine guide, you should sit facing North-East.

Similarly in a business organization, planning people should sit facing West, while marketing people should sit facing North. Sales people should face West, finance and management people work well if they are facing East. Production team if works facing West, results are excellent.

Students of law can achieve better results facing South while science, logic, architecture students will gain if facing West. Religious studies or philosophy students are best while facing East direction. North is the direction for political or administrative studies.

3) Directions in Vastu for Good Health & Well-Being :

According to Ayurveda, there are three elements in our body namely vata , pitta and kapha. If vata, pitta and  kapha is in balancing mode our body keeps healthy. If imbalanced many diseases occur. These three elements govern different directions in our house.

Vata is prominent From South-West to North- West direction .

Kapha is prominent.From North-West to East .

Pitta rules From East to South- West.

If a person who has more kapha element in his constitution and he sleeps in vata direction of the house, he will be suffering from vata kapha disorders like obesity, emotional instability etc.

Any person suffering from asthma or sinus problems, should not sleep in North-West to East directions as it will create more phlegm and breathing difficulties.

Similarly hyper acidity or high blood pressure patients should avoid sleeping in pitta directions.

4) The direction of social association: EAST

To live life meaningfully, you need cooperation from your fellow beings, be it at work, at play or at home. The energy generated by East direction facilitates this social connectivity. It is the ideal zone for living room. It ensures that meetings and association with people are beneficial for personal and professional growth. This direction provides strength to social relationship that ensures harmony and respect in the society.

Air or wood element dominates this direction. Green colour enhances the power of eastern energies. If you have red colour or fire element in this zone, your social network will shrink and you will have trouble maintaining good and harmonious relations within family and with friends.

5) The direction for Wealth, Money and Safety : SOUTH-EAST

South-East zone is the direction for fire , welath and money. This direction rules all inflow of money in house if balanced. Disturbance in this zone will start blocking our  opportunities to earn moneyand may lead to frequent accidents and insecurities.

Kitchen in this zone is the most appropriate location as per lucky directions in vastu shastra. Electronic appliances like Heaters, inverter, geyser  should be kept in this zone.

Red is the colour of this zone. It enhances the power of the zone. Water element in this zone weakens the fire and the person will loose money, health and will become fearful and insecure.

6) The direction of fame and relaxation: SOUTH

The South zone helps you to re-energies your body and mind. After a long day at work that left you exhausted and drained, relax in this zone. Soon you will feel re-energized and relaxed. The energy in this zone helps in curing sleep and stress related disorders.

South is also the zone of fame and recognition. If balanced, people will appreciate your efforts and your social reputation will go up. If disturbed or weakened, this zone can give you bad name, backstabbing, stress and insomnia. South directions in vastu shastra should always be kept heavy for positive luck.

Colour of this zone is red. If you do meditation in this zone, it will be easier to go into deep relaxation and have peace of mind. Bedroom in this zone is recommended as sleep is the best method of relaxation.

7) The direction of gains and profits: WEST

The West direction governs all the material gains and profits. The power and energy to fulfill our desires resides in this zone. If this zone is balanced, we can fulfill all our desires. Our mind will think positively and make the right decisions so we can act upon those to achieve our goals. If this zone is imbalanced and weak, desires will not be fulfilled and efforts will go to waste.

Space or metal is the element of this zone and white or silver is the colour of this direction.

Bedroom or dinning room in this area is appropriate. The profits will flow easily and the food will give more energy. Similarly a living room here will also make all social contacts useful and profitable.

8) The direction of relationship and skills: SOUTH-WEST

This is the direction of marriage, family harmony, bonding and stability in life. This is also the zone of improvement in skills may it be in your studies, arts, work or managing your relationships. The energy of this zone gives sharpness to skills.

This zone should always be balanced if you want to have a happy loving and caring family ties. If disturbed or weak, this zone can give trouble and misunderstandings in relations which will create instability and fighting. You may not succeed in your work and students may have low grades in school.

Earth is the element of this zone and yellow is the colour. Keeping the energy of this zone balanced and then putting your family pictures will create harmonious relationship in the family. Similarly, putting your certificates, degrees and awards in this zone will give you enough impetus to improve your skills.

9) The direction of support: NORTH-WEST

North-West is the direction which brings in helpful people and all kind of support for you in life. This is the zone of future security and support from the establishment and financial institutions. If you are not getting support from higher-ups in the office or your loan, credit-line is not getting sanctioned, check your North-West zone. It may be disturbed. Balance this area and you will get all the help from people who support your dreams and desires.

This is the place to make a store room. Finished products for sale can be stored here. Guest room is also ideal in this zone.

10) The direction of opportunities and money: NORTH

This is the zone which gives success to your efforts for generating money. It presents new opportunities and provides you with zest and zeal to fulfill your monetary goals. If this zone is imbalanced, there will be shortage of money and you will not get the profits that you are aiming for.

New opportunities will bypass you and frustrations and ill temper will be the result. Properly balanced the energy of this zone will present new opportunities before you so you can achieve your goals and live to the optimum potential.

Water is the element of this zone and blue is the color. Blue and green colors here enhance the good energy and there will be plenty of money and opportunities.

Conclusion : Directions in Vastu Shastra are very important for our mental peace , clarity of mind. We get positive energy and flow of Money and Wealth. By following rules of Vastu we keep Good health.

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