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Astrologer Shishir Rai is the world’s most popular astrologer, numerologist, palmist and a vastu expert today and has clients from all around the world. Shishir ji studied Jyotish Vidya Visharad from indian institute of vedic astrology and Jyotish Ratna from Aifas, New Delhi . Also he is Best indian vedic astrologer in australia know for his skills in numerology, gemology, and tantras. Indian vedic astrologer in sydeney is also involved in scientific study of Vastu Shastra and Numerology as well. Best astrologe rstudied in the area of Vedic astrology and investigated the deep complexities of such abstruse subjects. How to read a birth chart vedic astrology south indian is practicing since 2004. One of the most successful and celebrated astrologer today.

He gathered enigmatic and sacred knowledge of astrology imparted and revealed by some legendary astrologers, yogis, masters and saints. He has traveled wide and far in the pursuit of knowledge and attainments. From the dawn of his youth, he has been involved with these shastras and subjects and indulged in sincere researches of therapeutic side of astrology. He believes that Karma is very crucial. A person needs to believe in Karma, only then his or her bhagya (fate) will be helpful. Astrology helps us in changing our fate by eliminating the negative effects of unfavorable planets in our horoscope.

He strongly believes that there is a major risk of astrology getting depraved today due to viruses such as growth of internet and astrology books written by amateur writers who are yet to learn proper astrology. But one must be aware that the current viruses like astrological websites and journals cannot last for long. They are unwelcome forms of marketing of a product, and not lessons of effectual and predictive astrology for the time being. He knows all forms of astrology like Vastu, Fengshui and Numerology.

Numerologist, Palmist and Vastu Expert :-

More About Astrologer Shishir Rai achievements and contributions :

  • Shishir Rai’s aim is to promote astrology worldwide.
  • He has clients of every religion worldwide.
  • He is an international fame astrologer
  • He is an expert astrologer
  • He provides all astrology services including prophesy of love, marraige , business and career
  • He provides genuine rudraksha of Nepal origin at very cheap prices and authentic natural gemstones with lab test reports
  • His predictions are consistently 100% accurate
  • Shishir Rai is an expert in Horoscope Analysis but knows all forms of astrology like Numerology, Fengshui ,Vastu. He likes to correspond all these things while studying birth chart of his client for making accurate predictions.

He is one astrologer in the entire universe whose forecasts are absolutely accurate, therefore he has clients of different faiths from all across the globe. Get Best Online Astrology Consultation for Kundli Matching, Love Problems, Career Report, Marital Problems, Business Problems, Wealth Problems, Vastu from Best astrologer in India

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