Palmistry is a branch of occult science, which deals with the comprehensive study of the palm-prints to get the idea of future happenings in life. Palmistry is another proof which champions that everybody has a different life, because we all have different palm prints.

Several stalwarts in this field of science have worked successfully and are honored globally. Besides ascending and descending lines on the palm, shape of the fingers, nails, color and texture of the skin over the palm are also considered as the important factors for the judgment.

Hair growth on the skin of the hands as well as its consistency has also got remarkable meaning. Uniform consistency of hair growth over the hands, indicate steady life. The ascending lines are considered auspicious amongst the lines on the palm Mounts at the junction of each finger are the important guiding factors for correct analysis.

In a nut shell, palmistry is the physical approach of the occult science to know the future and we do predictions by studying your Hand.


The Elementary or lowest type :
Physical Characteristics :
It is coarse and clumsy with large, thick and heavy palm. Fingers and nails are short. Thumb is also very short and thick. The palm carries few lines and there is very little to be seen on the palm.Personal Characteristics :
Such people displays a lack of enthusiasm and have no imagination. They are concerned only with daily existence. This person is largely intolerant of a nasty situation, and can get violent when provoked. They possess a certain low cunning instinct. These are people without aspiration. Simply they eat, drink, sleep, and die.
Profession :
The persons having this type of hand are mainly laborers and are involved in violent sports, like boxing.


The Philosophic or the wisdom type hand :
Physical Characteristics :
This hand is long, narrow, slender, with tapering fingers and long almond-shaped nails. It lacks beauty, energy and strength. The width of the palm is less in comparison to length. The nerves in the hand are prominent and visible. They have a very strong theory in any matter but the practical side is weak. They offer very strong arguments on any matter. They prefer  knowledge than money.Personal Characteristics :
Such hands are found mainly in India. People with such a hand are likely to be students of a particular subject. They are philosopher kind of people and are religious by nature. They study mankind and they play their own  way. They like to be distinct from others, They love mystery in all the things. Such People are generally egotistical. The joints of fingers are developed whereas fingers are smooth and  pointed.
Profession :
Such people are generally teachers, thinkers, philosophers and world leaders.