Fourth House – Key to the Yogas – II

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Planets and Combinations
Various planets and combinations affect the 4th house and the consequent results as follows
a)The Sun is the embodiment of energy and the source of life as the Atmakaraka but in the 4th, unless the sign happens to be Leo or Aries, can be extremely devastating as in common parlance it would burn the house itself.
b)The Moon if exalted or in Cancer would certainly give the best results of all that the 4th stands for, especially political or public popularity. In other signs including Scorpio, the Moon in the 4th as a benefic will not harm the house no matter whether he enhances the results or not. Often it is experienced that the Moon acts positively in the 4th house.
c)Mercury as a benefic fortifies the 4th house in respect of the sign he occupies. It makes the native choose a calling associated with journalism, info-tech, literary pursuits,brokerage, stock trading, magic, comedy etc and if exalted, makes the native very popular.
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