febgFeng Shui is the art of placing buildings and objects in relation to energy flows, to heighten positive energies and minimize the negative ones. Feng Shui literally means ‘wind and water’. It is based on the interaction of Yin and Yang, the female and male forces along with Chinese astrology and the five elements. The purpose of Feng Shui is to enable you to organised your home so that the Ch’i energy, the all-pervading life force, is accentuated by the precise positioning of your house, furniture, decorations and other objects.

Everything, including humans is classified into five elements: wood, fire, metal, water and earth. The Five Elements are…



Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water


Wood people have a strong personality. But they are easily influenced by others. They are helpful but fear being obstructed by others The element Wood is represented by green, particularly emerald green. Wood shapes are long, tall or L-shaped. A wood house is rectangular and offers stability and security to its occupants.


Fire people are generous in friendship and always ready to help, but don’t seem to be able to look after themselves.The element Fire is represented by red, purple and orange. Fire shapes are triangular. These houses have triangular shapes, especially the houses with pointed eaves. As the flame of a fire leaps up and down, so will the fortunes of the occupants of such houses



Earth people are kind-hearted and always keep their word. But they dislike advice and are likely to change their minds frequently.. The element Earth is represented by brown and yellow. Earth shapes are square or rectangular. They are similar to wood houses and are square in shape and afford its occupants stability.



Metal people are big spenders. They are generous, brave and helpful. But they can’t form long-term perspectives or accept defeat gracefully. The element Metal is represented by white or gold. Metal shapes are circular or crescent shaped. Metal houses are crescent shaped and are associated with money and are ideal for traders and business-minded people



Water people are never petty. They are clever and plan well ahead. But they often tend to be timid.The element Water is represented by blue or black. Water shapes include gentle undulations like waves in a river. A water house has numerous bays, and like the ebb and flow of water, experiences regular change in fortunes.